How to make your home a sanctuary

As our trees gradually exchange their cool green summer leaves for the warmer golden yellows, Autumn draws our attention to the impermanent nature of life. We’re invited to say goodbye to what was and trust the flow of the seasons to birth new courage, a fresh seeing and an opportunity to ponder the question: “Is my home my sanctuary?”  

I’ve selected 5 of my favorite “sanctuary” related words to share with you as a starting point for your personal reflection on the well-being of your home.

1. Ritual

I invite you to take a moment to sit in your most comfy spot, snug in your gown with a warm drink. It’s the ideal moment to ceremonially light your rose gold votive candle. Take a moment to reflect, to renew vows to yourself of living authentically. Consider how you want to express your unique gifts in your home. This makes my home my sanctuary.

Ritual brings a sense of the sacred to life and turns the ordinary into the delightful.

Ask yourself:  What home rituals do I want to begin in this new season?

They can be actions as simple as: 

  • Placing an inspirational book next to your bed, easy to pick up and read a few lines on waking and before sleep.
  • Freshening up with a fragrant face wash before the evening meal.
  • Inviting your young children to join you in a beautiful sunset and to mindfully draw the curtains with gratitude for the gift of the day and the coming night.
  • Using that favourite tray, not just for visitors, but to serve yourself tea. 

2. Sound

Whether living in a busy suburb, apartment building or right at the beach, there’s very little we can do about the sounds outside of our personal home space.

But inside, however humble, however busy with children or family, we can choose to create an environment and atmosphere that is both alive and calm.

Music infuses an atmosphere with creative possibility, lifting the mood or soothing sensitive emotions and calming a busy mind.

3.  Beauty

An orchid, an exquisite candle holder, a piece of art, shells from the ocean – what do you find beauty in? Leave nuggets of beauty in special places around your home. Beauty uplifts the soul. It satisfies and nourishes and inspires us to transcend the mundane and celebrate the divine.   


4. Fragrance

The fragrance of freshly washed towels and bed linen contribute a subtle sense of lightness and ease whether preparing to sleep or stepping out into a new day. 

Essential oils like Lemongrass, Mandarin, Lavender and Camomile are just a few of the many fragrances that you can add to an elegantly designed diffuser.

5. Healing

Body, mind and soul are nurtured in our homes.

Crystals can assist us greatly in our venture to full wholeness and healing : 

  • Agate slices promise only gentleness as they nurse the heart chakra in particular. 
  • Spirit Quartz crystals support our deeper alignment, purifying the whole chakra system and bringing lightness to our being.
  • Amethyst vibrates to maximise tranquility, clearing and healing the crown chakra.

Nurturing a regular practice of meditation will bring immeasurable benefits to emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing. 

As we foster insight and mindfulness, we start to radiate a warmth of being that infuses our home environment with calm joy and serenity. We create our home, our sanctuary … from the inside out.