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It’s never too late to follow your passion. After 20 years in the corporate world, I left it all to answer the call of my heart and created a lifestyle brand for the modern mystic.

Born from a lifelong interest in spirituality, energy and healing, Mystic Girl nurtures a collection of whimsical yet functional decor and fashion pieces chosen to elevate your vibrations and enhance the magic of your soul.


Judy Leo

Founder | Managing Director

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Mystic Girl curates home decor and fashion accessories for the free spirited woman, empowering her to express her authenticity and realise her inner beauty.

Selectively incorporating boho elements, sacred geometry and crystals, every piece is carefully chosen to add a vibrant touch of magic to any area it adorns. 


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Mystic Girl is founded on the belief that life is full of magic.

With our thought-through collection of home decor and jewelry pieces, our goal is to inspire you to tap into your personal power, to harness it.

To look further behind the veil.

To own your magic.

home decor in south Africa

home decor in south Africa

A Beautiful Boho Interior


Boho home decor offers you the opportunity to create a home that expresses your individual style and personality. A bohemian style allows you the freedom to mix colors, textures, fabrics without a nod to the rules. Think bold, unusual pieces paired to create a relaxed vibe you feel completely at home in.

Boho home decor and hippie home decor have some elements in common along with some differences.


Boho (bohemian) comes from the 1800’s where it originated as a form of bold and creative self expression. Flair, individuality and artistic nuance were hallmarks of this style.

Hippie culture started in the 1960s as an anti-establishment movement. As such, the culture has deeply political roots. Everything about the style was born as an objection to the accepted norms.

Whether you love boho, hippie or something in between (commonly called boho chic), you’re bound to find home decor in South Africa that suits your tastes. For home decor that’s not on-trend and more original, look to smaller South African businesses that curate handmade or unique home decor and accessories for a mindful home interior.

Creating a home that reflects your personal style will often necessitate a search for the perfect little crystal shop or small business that handmakes, commissions or collects special home decor pieces that won’t be found in major South African home decor shops.

Thankfully, discovering unique home decor in South Africa has become easier as more and more small businesses pop up with beautiful home decor offerings for the discerning shopper.

Here are some tips for using home decor in South Africa to create a space that is uniquely you.

Use Color


Interior decorators frequently use the phrase ‘pop of color’ as a way to add life and energy to a room and it’s no wonder. Employing bright and lively colors to add a bold statement or inject a room with personality is a wonderful way to express creativity and your own artistic style.

Boho home decor styles feature bold splashes of color in pillows, wall hangings, carpets, couches, throws and more. If you prefer a neutral palette, use color by sticking to earthy tones but in vibrant hues. Think orange, yellow, burgundy, deep purple and dark brown.


boho decor

Mix Styles


Throw the ‘rules’ out and mix textures, shades and colors in whatever way you like. Bright colors and lots of patterns are popular in many boho chic homes. You could also go with a blend of muted colors if that’s what you prefer.

Use Natural Finishes


Boho home decor in South Africa will include pieces like macrame wall hangings, cotton rope baskets, concrete planters, beads, rattan furniture pieces and wood furniture or decor. 

Adding home decor accessories in natural materials brings an earthy, grounded feeling to a room and an element of the outdoors inside.


Global Connectedness


Boho chic decor loves to incorporate exotic accessories from all over the world. Whether from travels or local markets, decor pieces can bring in unique flavor from different cultures and add their own touch of personality to your space. 

Africa is rich in talent and home decor in South Africa showcases that with its many offerings of fabrics, furniture, wall hangings, figurines and other home decor accessories. 

From tribal prints to animal skins, plank masks to decorated bowls, there is a wealth of choice available. 

Looking further abroad, buddha statues, chinese vases or Moroccan rugs are just a few examples of elements to be incorporated in your unique boho home.



Books, Music and Art


Boho decor often includes elements of culture in the form of a curated book collection or eclectic pieces of art.

If you’re a lover of music, this may express itself in a pile of records casually arranged near a vintage record player. A collection of the classics or philosophical tomes might grace shelves and side tables. Remember, there are no rules when it comes to decorating your home! 

Make it comfortable


Boho spaces are not formal or stiff. Home decor such as soft rugs, throws, warm lights from lanterns or scented candles, richly colored cushions and greenery from plants creates the ideal place in which you can relax and be yourself fully.


Go Green


Eco friendly home decor that is sustainably produced and shopping local products handcrafted by artisans is definitely the way to go! The most incredible, unique pieces are offered by small businesses all over South Africa. What better way to decorate your home in a way that embraces your own unique self!

We’re not only talking eco-friendly, though. We’re also talking plants. 

go green decor
crystal shop

Along with supporting green business, adding plants to your indoors is a valuable contribution to a healthy and happy home.  

Plants bring clean oxygen, fragrance and beautiful color to your home. They can be added to almost any corner, shelf or table and infuse that area with life and freshness. Indoor plants are popular Home decor in South Africa thanks to our sunny climate. Choose water friendly, native plant species where possible over exotic plant types. They’ll bring a ‘home-brewn’ flavor to your space.

Sparkle With Crystals


Not only are crystals pleasing to the eye, their unique properties offer protection, healing and other characteristics. These beautiful stones will be a meaningful addition to your home.

Using crystals is a relatively new addition to home decor in South Africa. Even so, there are increasingly more businesses offering crystals in all shapes, sizes and forms. Crystal shops offer home decor accessories such as agate slices, free form crystals and tumbled stones. 

Items such as lamp stands, drinking glasses, even door handles can be made from beautiful crystals. 

If you’re interested in incorporating crystals in your home, find crystal shops online through search engines or on social media. Crystal shops are often small but offer a wealth of expertise and knowledge about gemstones and their wonderful properties. 

south african jewelry stores

Choosing Jewelry


Wearing meaningful jewelry is another way to express your personal sense of style and creativity. In the same way you create a home that truly feels like home, jewelry can relate that singular sense of individuality when chosen and worn with intention.

Boho jewelry represents nature and allows you to connect with the natural elements of the earth, sea and sky. Boho jewelry is a great way to bring in color and personality to an outfit. In the same way that boho home decor throws out the rules in favor of personal expression, boho jewelry is all about living your best self through the pieces of jewelry you wear.

South African jewlery stores offer on-trend jewelry for the South African public. If you’re looking for unique pieces, these might not be easily found in traditional South African jewelry stores. Take a little time to go exploring and you’ll discover standalone shops or small jewelry businesses online that create one of a kind jewelry pieces.

Wear these unique pieces alone or layered, in whatever way you feel says something about you. 

Mystic Girl offers whimsical jewelry and home decor pieces for the unique South African home interior.  If you’re looking for esoteric products and one-of-a-kind gifts for a boho friend or home, you’ll love our curated collection.


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