5 Steps To Keep Calm During The Holiday Rush

The hustle and bustle of holiday activities, from family gatherings and gift buying to decorating, can leave you feeling anything but cheerful. By practicing mindfulness, one can refocus and recapture the holiday spirit. It is all about staying grounded and focused on the moment to keep you from feeling overwhelmed and to connect with the […]

6 Mindful Rituals To Help You Stay Grounded

6 mindful rituals to help you stay grounded

Easily incorporate these mindful rituals into your daily life “You don’t have to slow down…just calm down.” – Bob Proctor I have found the more grounded I am, I perform at my best. The goal of personal development is to be your best self. That is why it’s important to incorporate grounding practices into your […]

5 Types of energy healing and how they work

healing with crystals in south africa

Alternative and Complementary Healing therapies are gaining popularity particularly due to their non-invasive nature. Here are some basic facts about 5 Energy Healing techniques reported to be most effective. 1. Reiki Healing The word Reiki originated from two Japanese words: ‘Rei’ meaning “God’s wisdom, Soul or Spirit” and ‘Ki’  meaning “vital energy”.    In this therapy […]

Chakra healing with crystals

Chakra healing with crystals

Before we look at chakra healing with crystals, what exactly are chakras? Chakras are energy centres within the body. They are involved in our physical wellness and help us develop higher consciousness. There are over 100 of these subtle energy centres, but the 7 major chakras are most commonly spoken about.  These are: The Root […]

How to make your home a sanctuary

As our trees gradually exchange their cool green summer leaves for the warmer golden yellows, Autumn draws our attention to the impermanent nature of life. We’re invited to say goodbye to what was and trust the flow of the seasons to birth new courage, a fresh seeing and an opportunity to ponder the question: “Is […]

How to create a meditation space in your home


Meditation as a spiritual discipline assists us in developing a balanced life.  We aren’t all called to a life of complete solitude and silence or to the contemplative life of the monastic, but we can all incorporate a practice of meditation into our daily personal lives whether living alone or in a vibrant family. This […]

Intentional Practices that Protect Your Home from Negative Energy

Blogs and public online conversation forums abound with solutions to managing negative energy.  My approach to the subject of negative energy is a preventative one and in this blog I’ll share some of my personal thoughts on what can sometimes appear to be a larger-than-life topic.  1.  Prevention is better than cure This old adage […]