5 Crystals to Use In Your Home

Not only are crystals pleasing to the eye, they contain unique properties that you can harness in your home and daily life.

From healing crystals to crystals for protection, these beautiful stones are a meaningful and worthwhile addition to your home. 

 1. Amethyst

Amethyst is a stunning purple gemstone. It is said to inspire creativity, promote healing and bring courage and peace to its owner.  Perfect for bringing calm to those suffering from anxiety.

Amethyst comes from the greek word for a stone that promotes sobriety and is said to help those struggling with addiction.

Keep amethyst at your work desk, to bring calm in stressful situations. For the same reason, amethyst works well in a doorway to collect negative energy as you enter your home.

Use amethyst in the bedroom if you’re struggling with insomnia. If you need to bring calm to a chaotic home, display your beautiful amethyst crystals in the living room (they’re also a great conversation starter!).

2. Black Tourmaline

A powerful and protective stone, place it outside your front door to eliminate negative energy and protect you from bad vibes.

Black tourmaline carries healing properties too and can help improve chronic pain, arthritis and anxiety. 

3.  Quartz

Clear quartz helps you clear your mind and stay focused. The study or a desk is a perfect place for this delicate crystal.

Smoky quartz is unique in that it offers both protective and uplifting energy. Keep smoky quartz near your front door to absorb negativity that tries to enter. Wear smoky quartz to help keep your root chakra grounded and protect you from EMF smog.

4.  Tiger’s Eye

This silky brown stone helps you make clear thoughtful decisions and can benefit you in your career. Tiger’s Eye helps you stand straight with confidence, banishing self doubt and fear and allowing you to move forward with purpose and vision.

Keep the Tiger’s Eye close to your skin for its myriad of metaphysical and healing benefits. Tiger’s Eye in your home will help create a safe haven by attracting good luck and instilling a feeling of security. 

It’s an excellent stone for the office where it promotes focused attention, insight and clear decision making.

 5. Jade

Jade is considered a living stone – full of the life force that runs through us all. Jade will help elevate your consciousness to access spiritual realms and help you develop wisdom.

Physically, Jade can aid in detoxing your entire body, helping fight infections and balancing your fluid systems.

Place Jade throughout your home to instantly cleanse the environment and attract abundance and positivity.

Crystals come in many forms and can be included as visually pleasing and powerful home decor items throughout your space. Keep tumbled stones (try our Amethyst stones) in a pretty glass bowl or display a gorgeous Amethyst cluster on a coffee table.

These gemstones are sure to bring a touch of magic to your life and to your living space.

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