5 Coffee Table Styling Ideas

The coffee table, symbolically a gathering place in your living room, invites you to slip out of your shoes, relax back in a comfy chair or flop onto soft big floor cushions, and unwind, take a breath and absorb the calming balancing energy of this humble furniture piece.

As you weave your personal styling magic through your home, consider these 5 tips for creating this unique focal point in your living space:

1. Balance and Symmetry

Regardless of the shape of the coffee table, the number of legs/sets of legs gives the clue to establishing symmetry.   In the image below by Amanda Carol Interiors, the 3 sets of legs calls for 3 sets of display items and is pleasing to the eye.  

Laurie Perez Photography

Another way to use symmetry is to imagine a 4-legged table as having 4 quadrants on which to arrange your carefully chosen display pieces, books, and so on.   

2.    Add Life and Colour on your coffee table with Plants and/or Flowers. 

Flowers and plants emit positive, healing energy and provide us with much needed oxygen, besides adding beauty which lifts our mood. 

Emma Fiela

3.    Play with Shapes and Textures

Try rectangular books on a round table or a cluster of pillar candles on the corner of a square table top create interest and charm.   

Natural textures like woven materials and wood can soften the effect of the harder feel of glass or metals your might use on display. 

A cluster of gorgeous purple amethyst crystals vibrate with healing, calming energy, and work naturally with Feng Shui principles bringing people together around the hearth of the coffee table with the promise of abundance in all of life.    

Caitlin Marie Design

4.  Your Friend, The Tray

A rightly placed, stylish tray is a practical yet elegant item for your coffee table. 


Arrange a few specially selected smaller items on your tray, to add a vibrant touch of magic to your coffee table display.  They’re bound to inspire!

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5.   Highs and lows in shapes and lights

Varying the height of the decor items on your coffee table provides sensory curiosity and delight.  

Used creatively and sensitively, taller items need not be obstructive to conversation.

Through My Front Porch

Candles (like our pillar candles) provide low soft light, creating a warm cozy ambiance ideal for open hearted conversation and meaningful connection.

There are many other additional styling ideas. Most importantly, choose those that express your authentic beautiful inner self.