15 ​Ideas For Kitchen Décor in 2021

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The kitchen has become a place for socialising as well as cooking and meal prep. As we gather in this meeting place, kitchen decor plays an important role in creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Kitchen design has morphed to meet the needs of a society in the midst of a pandemic. Families staying home and working from home need functionality as well as personality.

Here are some changes you can make to your kitchen that don’t require a costly revamp. These ideas for kitchen decor and design will infuse your space with style and give your kitchen a refreshing update.

Kitchen Design Ideas and Trends for 2021

Dark, Warm Hues

Use dark, warm colors like forest green, sage, black, aubergine or grey to bring energy and elegance to your kitchen. These strong colors pair well with lighter woods and walls that prevent the look from becoming overwhelming. 

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Choose a wall or cupboard to accent and enjoy the depth and interest it will bring to your kitchen.

Paint Your Kitchen Cabinets

Follow one of many tutorials available online to breathe (paint!) new life into tired kitchen cupboards. Go with warm colors to complement lighter walls or simply repaint in the original hue.

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ne of the biggest interior trends of 2021, new neutrals are warm, tranquil and comforting. We’re saying goodbye to cool colors and hello to neutrals with warm undertones.

New neutrals are neutrals with a touch of character. Think ‘greige’ (the perfect blend of grey and beige), beige, coral, sage, and stone. These colors are inspired by the earth and nature and bring a grounded, calming feel to any space.

Layer new neutrals, play with textures to add personality and don’t forget your pops of color to add interest and depth.

Storage Solutions

With more people in the house during the day, an uncluttered space becomes important. Creative storage solutions help you keep kitchen utensils and food stored away so you can enjoy a clear space.

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Simple Storage Ideas

  • Use containers and food bins to keep similar foods together neatly.
  • Try a kitchen trolley with wheels to store your commonly used items in one place for easy accessibility.
  • Use a magnetic strip or rack to hang kitchen utensils.
  • Use a chalkboard to stay up to date with your shopping list and to-do’s.
  • Use the tops of cupboards to keep kitchen appliances off your counter. A clear counter makes a kitchen more spacious and pleasant to work in.
  • Use drawer dividers and organizers to keep them neat and make the most of space.
  • Add shelves to larger cupboards to maximise storage space.
  • Hang pots beneath cupboards or from the ceiling.

Kitchen Decor Ideas

Add a feature backsplash

A great way to express your individuality, use statement tiles, marble or paint to create that wow factor.

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Open Shelving

Open shelving provides storage and an opportunity to add kitchen decor. In a minimalist minded kitchen, open shelving is ideal for storing functional kitchen items in a beautiful way. 


Ideas for incorporating kitchen decor and kitchenware

  • Select an interesting selection of colored glasses, plates, and bowls to arrange on your shelves.
  • Pair colored bottles with a clock or small wicker baskets
  • Use crystals, candles and a buddha figurine for a mindful kitchen display
  • Create a thoughtful display with a favorite vase (try our spotted brown vase), lantern (buy a Mystic Girl lantern), candle holder or plant.
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Add bold seating

Bar stools or kitchen chairs are an easily alterable kitchen decor accessory. Consider adding a pop of color with brightly hued chairs. This small change can make a big impact.

Incorporate a chalkboard

Use chalkboard paint on a kitchen cupboard panel, door or wall. Both functional and aesthetic, your kitchen chalkboard serves as a decor item and handy kitchen tool

Statement lighting

A row of gorgeous pendants hanging over the kitchen island or a single oversized lamp will immediately uplevel your kitchen.

Re-cover your kitchen pendants using bright colors for an instant upgrade.

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Even smaller additions like a lantern (try our black mesh lantern) or some dainty candle holders (like our stunning venice candle holder) will bring a warm glow to your kitchen in the evening. 

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A colourful kitchen floor

The kitchen floor need not be neglected in your decor crusade! OldHouseOnline included this amazing kitchen floor in their article on home interiors. Read it here.

Considering painting your kitchen floor? Floor surfaces that can be painted include hardwood, vinyl, concrete and melamine floors. Try this article for advice on painting your kitchen floor.

Install a Pot Rack

A pot rack is another functional kitchen decor item. Use it to display your pots and benefit from their easy accessibility. 

Another option is to hang up your pot using a metallic strip nailed or stuck to the wall. Alternatively, hang your pots from the ceiling for a rustic farmhouse vibel.

Decorate with planters

Incorporate textured planters in a variety of sizes and colors. Use them to hold candles or plants to brighten up the space.

Incorporate your planters along with other kitchen decor on your floating kitchen shelves or on a bright windowsill. Mystic Girl has a range of concrete planters you’ll love. Shop them here.

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Change your kitchen cupboard handles

Another kitchen decor accessory that can bring in a lot of personality when personalized. Interesting ideas include agate or crystal handles, colorful porcelain or ceramic handles and glass handles.

Choose a new kitchen faucet

Updating kitchen hardware is another great way to add an item of interest or personality. Look for unique materials and styles that are functional but that speak to your decor language.

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Decorate your ceiling

Not often considered when looking to decorate the kitchen, the ceiling can make a big difference when gorgeously styled. 

Brightly colored wallpaper applied to the ceiling can add interest to a neutral kitchen. Painted a solid dark color, it can ground a busy or intricately decorated kitchen. 

There are so many options! Read about more creative ideas here

These simple decor tips will help you incorporate pieces that add a touch of fun, creativity, warmth and even magic to your kitchen. Choose pieces that reflect your uniqueness and make the kitchen a place you love to be in.

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